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The AI-driven analysis app designed for business users

Cuddle stays on top of your data, so that you can stay on top of your business


Why Cuddle?

Eliminate Blindspots

Cuddle’s ML-powered Nudges eliminate the complexity of dealing with enterprise data, isolating key business events and proactively alerting you to take action.

Discover Insights, Naturally

Discover answers to your business questions, with Cuddle’s NLP-Driven ‘Ask’. You don’t need to understand indecipherable ‘data-speak’. Ask your questions naturally, in English, using text or voice!

Personalized to your Role

With great power, usually comes great complexity. But not anymore. Cuddle dynamically learns how each user consumes data and displays it exactly how they want.

With you, Wherever you Go

Cuddle provides the best-in-class mobile experience, offering access to all of its data discovery and analysis features on-the-go.


For Business Users

High Adoption

Cuddle is the only analytics product today that charges based on a per active user model – so you only pay for users who are realizing value from Cuddle.

Shorter Turnaround Time for Insights

Business teams rely on analytics teams to extract basic insights from data. Cuddle eliminates the wait, giving you answers to your pressing questions

Value Realization from Day 1

Cuddle is available as a SaaS-based product, achieving a shorter time-to-value. Set up your data and activate it for your users on Day 1.

For Analytics Teams

All Your Data - Directly from the Source

Whatever source system you use, to power your analytics, Cuddle can bring data from multiple sources for analysis, without the need to replicate your data.

Reduced Analytics Backlog

Internal analytics teams are too often buried in a mountain of queries. With Cuddle in the hands of your stakeholders, analytics teams can focus on longer-term, strategic projects.

SaaS or Enterprise based on your needs

Cuddle offers flexibility through both SaaS and enterprise versions of the product – depending on your industry and use case.



The best Question and Answer System for the Enterprise


Actionable Business Insights, Even Before you Ask