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Actionable Business Insights. Even before you ask!

With Nudges, Cuddle brings to you your most pressing business insights that require your action today. Nudges are timely nuggets of information that the user ‘needs to know’ to be on top of their priority areas in business.


What are Nudges?

Cuddle learns your natural language and provides guided Cues™ to suggest additional insights

Types of Nudges

Unexpected event

This Nudge is generated when an outlier value is detected in the data - through extensive Time Series Modeling, which leverage both traditional methods as well as state-of-the-art Sequence-based Neural Networks.

Threshold based alerts

This Nudge is a threshold-based alert. Thresholds can be defined by the admin user of Cuddle to highlight instances of target misses and milestone achievements.

Root Cause Analysis

Cuddle does a correlation analysis to identify driver measures. Once the driver measures have been identified, Cuddle checks if the same anomalous behavior has been noticed in drivers.

Significant change

This Nudge is generated when there is an anomaly in the growth rate for a business area vs year ago.

Significant trend

This Nudge is generated when the data is Trending up or Trending down. Cuddle uses Multivariate analysis to identify significant Ups and Lows over the period of time that needs to be notified/alerted to the user.

Root Cause Analysis

Cuddle automatically identifies hierarchial relationships in the data using Graph Analysis, and applies a Drill Down analysis model to go through sub-hierarchies of the data and identify similar behavioral patterns.