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AI in Sales: Transforming the Sales Organization through Artificial Intelligence Interventions

Today, business managers, sales managers, and sales reps are steadily on the lookout for new ways to improve sales. While some companies choose to hire more employees, others employ new business strategies and consolidate on the existing once. However, one of the most reliable processes that can help businesses improve sales tremendously is through the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI is radically changing the way businesses sell and interact with their customers, leading to significant growth in their business. Business leaders are now starting to appreciate and buy into the value that AI can unlock in the realm of sales.

How AI Improves Sales

AI techniques are delivering a positive impact on sales in the following ways:

Managing team performance

Sales managers are tasked with the responsibility of assessing team performance on a monthly or weekly basis. They assess the revenue inflow from each salesperson to determine who is doing well and who is performing poorly. However, with AI, sales managers can now use automate the creation of performance dashboards to assess the performance of each member of the sales organization and those who are more likely to meet their target for the month. By doing this, AI allows sales managers to focus on creating new ways and help their teams meet the company’s target for the month or year.

Price optimization

AI algorithms can help sales teams accurately calculate the pricing to be proposed on the sales of various products in order to get a better deal. AI algorithms can observe and understand specific features of sales carried out in the past — such as client history, product type, timing, product specification, region, among other metrics to know the right discount that must be applied to a product and also recalculate the prospective cost of the overall deal.

Reducing Marketing Costs and Increasing Topline

Using AI algorithms, business leaders also determine who is most likely to buy their products between a new client and existing customers. By doing this, AI helps businesses optimize their marketing costs and increase revenue.

Making Better Informed Decisions

Earlier, sales reps used their instincts to make decisions on where to sell their product and close a deal. Now, artificial intelligence-powered sales intelligence systems help compile historical data of each customer interaction within an organization. These interactions could be in the form of email, voicemails, text messages, and even social media posts to know people who are likely to buy more from the firm.

Sales Forecasting

Sales managers are also using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict their team’s total expected sales for each month, quarter and year. They use sophisticated AI algorithms to determine revenue and sales forecasts, thereby helping their organizations manage their finances better.

Matching Prospects to Salespeople

AI also helps to match prospective customers to the right sales salesperson based on the customer’s need. AI systems have the capability to gather client’s information and ensure they are sent to sales reps that understand what the clients want and are ready to meet such needs. In fact, in the future, AI sales systems will be able to recognize customers’ needs and find the right solutions to them.

Taking Over Repetitive, Low-Value Tasks

AI-enabled sales technologies are also helping sales reps focus on the most critical aspect of business — getting more sales. By using these technologies, sales reps can save a lot of time that would have been spent in entering data to the system, converting this data, reporting, and analyzing customers’ inform



Finally, if you are a new salesperson, sales manager, or business owner looking for ways to improve sales, optimize tasks, and stay ahead of your competitors, your best option is to employ the use of AI-powered sales systems, which offer numerous advantages to the sales team. The whole aim of AI is to help sales teams become more productive and profitable, but this can only be possible when businesses embrace the use of AI-powered sales systems and get rid of every form of doubt about their

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