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Cuddle Ask


The most intuitive Q&A system for BI analytics

Get answers to your most pressing business questions in seconds. Cuddle’s natural language tool, Ask, responds to all your data queries and more, in real-time.


Understands context and intent

Understanding what a user means when searching for an ambiguous term is easy for a human, but often difficult for a machine. For instance, in the context of your business, is Apple a fruit or a computer company? Cuddle’s Ask removes uncertainties associated with search terms and automatically deciphers the intent of the user and the context of
their question.

"What is the sales for target in west"
"Sales by city with target more than 90K for target"
“Sales target in west”
"Sales vs target in west"
“What is the sales in new york state this year”
“Sales in new york vs dallas this year”

Identifies time periods

Grouping time periods is a simple task for a human, but a machine often redirects or completely misses a natural language request for “sales yesterday” or “sales on the last Friday of the previous month.” Cuddle accurately understands vague time and implicitly conveyed time-related concepts in users’ questions and delivers the most relevant answers.

“Sales of west on 2nd January 2019”
“Sales of west today, yesterday and day before yesterday”
“Monthly sales of west from January 2017 to January 2018 and March 2019 till this month”
“Sales of west week ago vs month ago vs quarter ago vs year ago”
“Sales trend of west for third quarter of last year”
“Sales of west on first Monday of last month vs last Monday of last month”
“Weekly sales of west since week 27 till week 29”
“Monthly sales of west till May 2019”

Answers conditional queries

Go ahead and ask the complex conditional queries that help you analyze business performance, such as ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’. Cuddle extracts conditional information from a natural language question and applies those conditions to the requested measures.

“Retailers with < 95% distribution in Apr 2018”
“Sales and target by state for east having sales more than 455K”
“Sales by state for east having sale >10M and <30M”
“Sales and target by state for east with sales more than 200K and target less than 100K”

Ranks and filters responses

Want to know your best three sales reps for the month? Top and bottom filters are often requested by users who want to understand the gainers and drainers in their business areas. Cuddle is designed to handle ‘ranking’ questions that contain complex data filters.

“Which stores top sales for west and east”
“Top 2 reps by sales for west this month and last month”
“Yearly top 2 months by sales for west”
“Yearly top 2 reps on sales for west”
“Dope brands on achievement this year”
“Yearly achievement and sales for top 2 reps on goal”
“Bottom 2 brands, sub brand by region on sales”
“Best and worst months by sales last year and this year for west”

Capabilities like no other

Bulletproof QnA Engine

Cuddle responds to questions asked in plain English. Ask something like, “which brand sold the most in the west” and Cuddle will respond with the most relevant interactive visualization.

Lightning-fast responses​

On average, it takes Ask less than five seconds to provide you with a precise answer to your business questions.

Continuous Learning

Leveraging its AI and machine learning capabilities, Ask learns by capturing explicit and implicit feedback from users. Over time, it presents answers customized to each specific user based on their usage patterns.

Data Permissions

Ask brings answers forward based on the user’s authorized data universe. Data permissions can be configured through Cuddle’s fine-grained authorization control at row, column and cell-level.

360° view of your answer

Ask is prepared for follow-up questions. Along with answers, users are automatically provided with the associated story and context to ensure a holistic picture of the business.

Voice Enabled

Cuddle also responds to your voice. Ask Cuddle business questions naturally. If you ask, “Which are the top 3 stores on margins”, you will get an accurate response within seconds.

Integrated View

Cuddle Ask enables an integrated view across all data sources, so you can analyze numbers together without worrying if the information on sales and margins is present in the same data table.

Smart Visualizations

Ask determines the best way to represent the information based on data type, size, dimensions, patterns and context of the question asked.

Built for scale

Cuddle ASK is built as a learning platform from the ground up; making it work on any dataset without a need for any complex set up. Point Cuddle to your structured data and start asking questions right away!