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Bring Cuddle’s Search & AI-powered analytics to any business application

Want to make AI-powered analytics available on your most business-critical applications?

You can now deploy self-serve analytics on your choice of web apps, mobile apps, custom business applications, and B2B portals for employees, partners, or customers. just launched its new Embedded Analytics solution! Here are the key highlights.

Embed Anywhere

Cuddle’s Embedded Analytics solution allows organizations to add self-serve analysis capabilities into any web or mobile application of their choice. 

Cuddle’s state-of-the-art architecture makes it easy for users to analyze millions of rows of data across multiple data sources at lightning-fast speed. This makes it extremely easy for users to get the insights that they need. With Cuddle’s Embedded Analytics solution, the analysis process for end-users will be faster than ever.


In addition, Cuddle offers custom branding and white-labeling options to maintain a brand-consistent experience across your business applications.


Organizations will have control to embed any combination of or all of the 3 components of Cuddle – Ask, Board and Nudges – in whichever flow makes sense for their users. Each component of Cuddle has a different embed URL and the interface will change based on your configuration. 

Embed Ask
Embed Boards
Embed Nudges

Available on Web and Mobile – with Responsive Design

Cuddle can be embedded on Web applications using iFrame, and on mobile web as a web view as well.

We are thrilled to bring Embedded Analytics to you – it is now easier than ever to make better decisions faster using your enterprise data.

Infrastructure and Data Source Agnostic

Cuddle’s software is cloud-agnostic and can be deployed in any cloud-based infrastructure of your choice, and can connect to all popular data sources directly, without having to replicate your data. 

For more information, or to request a demo, please visit or reach out to

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