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Introducing Cuddle’s Datahub

The Problem

Without the right tools, a data lake is just another expense.

Most enterprise businesses that have invested in building data lakes are not utilizing it properly because the data lake strategy doesn’t end at just creating a data lake. It needs to drive value to the business through improved data access for analysis and driving business decisions. 

Even organizations like Mckinsey and PwC have admitted that the main challenge is not creating a data lake, but taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. 

Since data lakes are not designed for direct analytics consumption, enterprises need the right tools to provide BI ready data for business users. 

Without Cuddle Datahub

The problem is – most often, enterprises duplicate data by putting it into proprietary data warehouses from individual data sources within the data lake and converting them into data cubes and aggregations, which adds to infrastructure cost. 

And it could get worse – data from the data lake might never even reach the consumers of data because it isn’t made available to them in the BI tools of their choice or made available for other analysis.

Organizations have data sitting across sources, it is not easy to get them together to serve business intelligence and other analysis needs.

The Solution

Cuddle is the perfect solution to the “under-utilization of the data lake storage” problem.

It provides lightning-fast, real-time analytics at your fingertips and connects to multiple data sources within your data lake directly, without having to duplicate data. 

You can bring your data to life using Cuddle’s AI-powered BI tool for the purpose of dashboarding, reporting, querying your data using natural language, and automated insight discovery. 

With Cuddle Datahub

All of this brings you a faster, easier, and a relatively cost-effective way to make your BI ready data available to your users who drive business impact. 

We don’t discriminate between different data sources – your data could be in your data lake, your data warehouse or anywhere else, Cuddle will bring it to life! 

Cuddle Datahub connects to 200+ data sources from where it fetches data. 

It also connects to other BI tools like Tableau & Power BI for data consumption, and workflow tools like Knime, Alteryx & Python for data consumption & manipulation.

With Cuddle Datahub and other analytics tools


Single-source-of-truth for every type of user

The data that organizations store is used by multiple different types of users. Every user has a different objective of using data.

For instance, 

  • Data scientists want to run their algorithms on top of the data that is available.
  • – Business users want their data handy in a platform like a Cuddle for their BI needs.
  • Business Analysts want the data on the platform of their choice, like Power BI or Tableau. 

In addition to powering Cuddle’s AI-powered data analytics platform which caters to a business user’s needs, Datahub allows you to connect to BI tools like Tableau & Power BI for business analysts, and workflow tools like Knime, Alteryx & Python for data scientists.

Custom algorithm

Custom algorithms used by data scientists within an organization can be directly consumed by the business users or business analysts within the organization through Cuddle! 

For example, data forecasted by data scientists can be stored anywhere in the data lake, and Cuddle directly fetches the forecast data from the data source and make it available for all other users within the organization, and in the platform of their choice.

Custom algorithms might include – forecasting, next best action recommendation, or any other ML algorithm that data scientists are applying on top of your enterprise data.


Cuddle brings you:

  1. 1 – A hassle-free way to directly connect to your data lake and other data sources
  2. 2 – No need for replication and movement of data
  3. 3 – A single source of truth for business intelligence
  4. 4 – Faster querying speed
  5. 5 – Savings on cost per query from your data source

Simply put, Cuddle is the easiest way for enterprises to make their data lake storage accessible for high powered business intelligence needs.

Alternative Text Sahil Verma