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Real Time Marketing

Today, time moves at the speed of light. Business today is so fickle that it changes overnight and there is no option but to change your strategy to seize opportunities that these changes brings. For business executives, the fast pace change brings both challenges and opportunities along with it. Staying relevant with the changing time is the need of the hour.

The attention span today is lessening by the day and so the message that needs to be sent to the audience needs to be strong enough to sensitize the audience for a longer run. This adds an extra responsibility on the marketers that they will have to pitch it to the audience with need to be sophisticated, clever and fast, all in one.

Real-Time Marketing is brands engaging with their customer on real time data basis on their website, ad campaigns, events and other channels – and rapidly adjusting that engagement based on various events and interactions with the customer. Each of the brand may have different goals and objective they wish to achieve with the use of Real-Time Marketing.  Forming customer relationships, to increasing their social media activity to promoting events, bringing new audiences to their website and making their products go viral are a few example purposes,

Challenges in Real Time Marketing

With brands taking up real-time marketing activities managing the humongous customer data is a real challenge.

With customers today expecting a very personal experience with brands, a custom standard template for communication for all customers won’t suffice.  Even if it does it will be overridden by another brand soon. To keep the customer loyalty in hand the branding and advertising must take into consideration customer buying behavior, his buying pattern and identifying his crucial pain point. Collection and analysis of customer data becomes quite crucial.



One of the classic campaigns done by Oreo was during the 2013 Super Bowl game night where Oreo was one of its advertisers.  During the third quarter the stadium lost electricity supply due to a technical glitch and knowing the entire United States it hooked onto the game Oreo played it very smart and came up with a post stating, “ you can still dunk  in the dark” with a glass of milk and an Oreo cookie. The post got over 15000+ tweets and 20000+ Facebook likes.


A fashion brand ASOS misprinted almost 17000 bags with onilne instead of online. The brand identified the mistake and thought of a bit tongue and cheek humor and made a tweet saying, “OK, so we *may* have printed 17000 bags with a typo. We are calling it a limited edition” and posted this tweet along with a picture to which fans responded in a humorous manner 

Godrej Consumer Products

In the recent lockdown due to Covid-19, Director Karan Johar in many of his Instagram live said about how his hair turned white as did not have the facility available to color them. Godrej took onto this situation and sent few of their Godrej expert Riche crème hair products and made a brand collaboration with an Instagram video saying, “focus on solution, not selling”. The post got over 25 lakhs views and 8000 comments making it a collaboration totally worth it.

Rohit Vapilkar