Global COVID-19 data is now available on Cuddle.
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Deploy an Analytics app for CPG leaders in a day!

Cuddle's AI-augmented analytics platform enables you to rapidly deploy an app for CPG industry leaders

Cuddle is ready for Nielsen

On iOS, Android, Web and Voice

Cuddle is optimized for native experiences on all platforms through the native apps

Pre-built Diagnostics Engine

Cuddle’s proactive alerting engine autonomously highlights every anomaly and unexpected business event

Ready from Day 1

A SaaS-based Cuddle cluster can be deployed and ready to use from the very first day

Connect to your Nielsen data

Connect to your Nielsen offtake data with shipment sales and COVID penetration and transmission data

We are on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

Cuddle is available as a SaaS or as an enterprise platform available on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

Pre-built NLP Engine

No complex formulas or queries. Simply ask your questions in natural language and get answers to your questions

Integrated Business Planning

Brand & Portfolio Performance

Real time feed on Portfolio performance and Competitive intelligence across accounts and eCommerce

Demand chain signals

Identify gaps in execution and predict demand shifts and surges using COVID extraneous data and Cuddle’s NLP-powered Ask engine

Order Management and Cognitive S&OE

Identify the real time shifts in consumption, bottlenecks in distribution, alternative fulfilment options and stock transfers.

Financial forecasting & analysis

Account P&L forecasts; advance signals on penalty clauses and inventory carrying costs; balance demand with costs of promotions and inventory carrying costs

Expertise in Leading the CPG Industry


Our team consults with the Top 7 out of 10 global CPG giants on their most critical analytics challenges


Engagements combining Nielsen data with other enterprise data sources delivered to clients for last 15 years


Our strong library of pre-built data models is leveraged by over 20 clients in the CPG industry

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