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Streamline eCommerce Performance with Cuddle’s AI-powered Analytics

eCommerce leaders are increasingly under executive spotlight to drive strong growth efficiently. Cuddle’s AI-powered analytics co-pilot can help guide their decision-making in real-time and at scale.


Monitor Competitor Pricing

Cuddle brings in pricing intelligence from the competitor websites, helping you identify the most optimal price point for your products.

Plug Revenue Leakages

Cuddle helps you identify instances of lost-buy-boxes, by using Amazon data to surface every instance of buyers making a purchase from a third-party, after viewing manufacturer-listed SKU.

Product Performance

Use Cuddle to easily track and monitor product sales, margin, instances of out-of-stock and product ratings on owned eCommerce channels as well as third-party.

Listing Performance

Manage the performance of your product listing – pageviews, conversion rates and basket size – and get alerted as soon as something requires your attention.

Key Benefits

Accelerate Analytics Delivery

Cuddle’s SaaS-based option is ready from Day 1. Connect to over 130 data sources with Cuddle’s Data Hub, without needing to replicate the data or models.

Optimize Costs

By providing self-service access to analytics, Cuddle reduces workload of internal analytics teams and costs associated with the external analytics service providers.

Single View of all your data

Cuddle easily combines all your data across multiple sources without expensive data harmonization or integration efforts.

Improve Adoption

Cuddle’s intuitive user interface and fully-featured access on web and mobile translates into higher adoption.

High Personalization

Cuddle’s continuous learning engine learns from each users’ interactions and personalizes their view based on how they consume and interact with their data.

SaaS or Enterprise

Cuddle can be flexibly deployed – either as a SaaS-based solution on our cloud or on your enterprise cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or GCP).

Proactively Illuminate Blindspots

Cuddle’s prebuilt diagnostic engine highlights anomalies, outliers and early warnings in your business data, without you having to ask for it.

Mobile First