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Drive Improved Sales Outcomes with Cuddle

Real-Time, actionable customer and prospect intelligence, on your fingertips.


Maximize Territory Performance

Track and monitor your sales, effective coverage, market share and other key sales metrics by brand, product, category and sales reps.

Get Comprehensive Customer Intelligence

Get key data-driven insights on your customers consumption preferences, past purchases and activity with your competitors while you’re on the field.

Identify Priority Prospects

Using your internal customer prioritization models, Cuddle’s automated insights pushes the daily beat plan for each sales rep streamlining their activity.

Suggested Orders and Next Best Action

Cuddle easily translates your suggested order and next-best-action algorithms into actionable insights for sales reps.

Key Benefits

Accelerate Analytics Delivery

Cuddle’s SaaS-based option is ready from Day 1. Connect to over 130 data sources with Cuddle’s Data Hub, without needing to replicate the data or models.

Optimize Costs

By providing self-service access to analytics, Cuddle reduces workload of internal analytics teams and costs associated with the external analytics service providers.

Single View of all your data

Cuddle easily combines all your data across multiple sources without expensive data harmonization or integration efforts.

Improve Adoption

Cuddle’s intuitive user interface and fully-featured access on web and mobile translates into higher adoption.

High Personalization

Cuddle’s continuous learning engine learns from each users’ interactions and personalizes their view based on how they consume and interact with their data.

SaaS or Enterprise

Cuddle can be flexibly deployed – either as a SaaS-based solution on our cloud or on your enterprise cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or GCP).

Proactively Illuminate Blindspots